Were you raised in a BARN?!

I had a really good 10th wedding anniversary (One decade behind us, here we come Decade Number 2!!). The things that were wrong with it were neither mine nor John’s fault. If you recognize yourself in this blog, Hello Again, I hope you enjoyed dinner and the movies more than we did. :P

We started with dinner at Osaka Fantasy Steakhouse in Tulsa (51st and Harvard, in the shopping center on the SE corner, if you’re looking for it). Osaka is one of those nifty hibachi places where they cook on the big table top grill at your table. I LOVE those places, and I’ll likely go back. The food is really good, the service is phenomenal, and most of your tablemates are sane and sober.

If however, you are not sober, please don’t pour your soup on the mushrooms!!! It might not have been so bad, except he had EATEN from the bowl of soup. EW. The poor chef looked as horrified as the rest of us; what was he supposed to do when the dude poured soup on the mushrooms? Seriously, who the hell does that?!

Also, if you are not sober, looking pissy when the waitress brings you another glass of wine, or when your date orders a second, is not so much cool man. (For the record, we don’t know he was drunk, but I sincerely hope he was because it’s the closest I can come to an excuse for his behavior!)

Making a mess at the table by mixing your date’s fried rice with your steamed rice, even after she points it out and suggests mixing it on your plate instead and then ignoring her? Also not cool.

Also not cool? Eating off your date’s plate merely inches from it, WHILE she’s still eating. A: you don’t have to fork it in as fast as possible. The food is all dead, cooked, and not going anywhere… well, except into your date’s mouth. Because it’s HER food! B: Eating it off her plate WHILE she’s eating it? Bad form. And C: INCHES from the plate? Since when is it acceptable to lower your face to the plate and SUCK the food in like a vacuum? You’re in public. Your meal costs more than $10. You freaking bought WINE. STOP SUCKING the food in.

So dude, bad form. You totally suck. And in a bad way.

We then went to see Indiana Jones at AMC Southroads. No real complaints. I liked the movie. :D

And then in a fit of freedom that lack of children and plans tomorrow lends us, we went to see the next show of Prince Caspian. The movie started at 9:50. I heard small children. Why were these children not at home in bed?

Then there were the little old ladies who TALKED the whole time. How the crap did you ladies not know you don’t talk through the film? Did none of the PSA’s telling you to shut your trap get through to you? Seriously? WHY ARE YOU TALKING?

Oh, wait… maybe it’s because AMC forgot that it was still over 80 outside and stupidly turned off the air conditioning. Um, AMC, you’re in Oklahoma. You’re putting many people together in a room. Body heat, outside heat, big lamps… TURN ON THE AC!

That said, I love Prince Caspian, too. I cried (big surprise).

And yes, if you read this blog and you were the rude guy who violated public health codes, or the little old ladies running your yaps all through the movie, YES, I am talking to you. You don’t want to get called out, don’t act like idiots in public!!!

For the most part, I like people. I sympathise greatly. But do you have to be rude?!

Good night, and good luck.

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