OK, so I'm a little OCD...

and yet, I don't seem to mind my weird little tendencies. I probably should, I should probably worry about the freaky little ways it manifests iteself, and yet, I can't seem to care. So far, none of them seem unmanagable or dangerous, and I'm not wasting hours of every day on them. Well, not wasting hours of every day to the exclusion of everything else. Well, not wasting every day to the exclusion of everything else including my work (such as it is) or basic hygeine needs. Yeah. The last one.

I'm a completist. If there's a set and I want one part of it, I must have all parts. I avoided buying the Lego Basketball sets because of this; I knew I'd want ALL of them, but I have this issue with Iverson (why are we rewarding bad men just because they're good athletes? If you suck at being a human being, isn't that a bigger deal than if you can throw a ball in a hoop?!) and wouldn't want to own that one... so I didn't buy any of them.

But games? I have to have all of Steve Jackson's Munchkin series. All of the expansions. It doesn't matter that most people won't play with me; the ones that do enjoy all the expansions, too. And the Settlers of Catan. And Ticket to Ride (Nordic Countries, you will be mine! Even if you're in another language... or maybe esp because you're in another language, because that trips a different trigger in me!) And Shadows Over Camelot! But I've resisted Carcassone because I know my husband won't appreciate me having to buy every expansion... he'd like me to enjoy a game that doesn't have 50 bajillion expansions for it. Or at least to not need to buy them all.

I also collect die. Or dice? Crap, I should know the difference. But I now have like 10 sets of nerdy gaming dice, and lots of regular d6s, and a pound of assorted ones. And I knew when I lost ONE of them which I lost. Which is sort of sad, I know. And I have to sort them out, and when I'm playing with them, I find it necessary to turn them all so that the highest number is showing. That's gotten more important of late, and there's no good reason for it. But they can be all jumbled together in their bag, and who cares what side is which in there. That's good, right?

OK, now I sound pathetic. And I'm not even done.

I started collecting dragons. Not actual dragons, either, so at least there's no physical clutter from this one, and it's free, so it's not a financial expense either. Both of those facts are good. But I've got 3 hatchlings and 4 eggs, and I'm eagerly waiting for the 7 of them to grow up so I can get more. Because I've got to have at least one of each, and try breeding them. Because. No, there's not a good reason. If there was a good reason for my madness, it wouldn't be madness, would it?

Before you go looking for the forms for involuntary commitment to the Mental Hospital, let me assure you that I don't have to have my cabinets perfect, I don't have to have all my sheets folded just so, and none of it seems to interfere with my ability to function. I can still cook meals (and good ones, thank you... I just dislike cleaning up after, so I don't cook a ton), and do my work and have a social life outside of my little weirdnesses. Shoot, I couldn't have gotten a sunburn last weekend if I didn't have life beyond the weirdness!

I suppose I should stop wasting time on the computer... or maybe go teach myself Italian (satisfy that wierd little fetish for knowing EVERYTHING, especially languages! YES! Knowledge! Let me devour it and make it mine!!!) and probably do the supper dishes. Yeah, because that would be more healthy than stalking my dragon eggs.

Oh, and did I ask you to click on my eggs so they hatch? No? Here's my scroll; click view on each one (but each one only needs one, because only the first visit from each IP address counts towards the need to hatch (it keeps track of every time the egg is seen, and I have to balance total views with unique views and clicks to keep it healthy))...

I'm rambling. I'm going to go do laundry or something.

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