I had an epiphany...

I think if you've read this with any consistency at all, I think it's fairly clear that I'm a conservative Christian. So the fact that I think about religious things should be no surprise. Nor should the fact that I believe that God created the world.

I realized tonight one of the great dangers of saying that God DIDN'T create the Earth. But aside from the possibilty of eliminating God, of eliminating the need for God, there's a second danger in denying that He created everything.

Anything I create, I have control over. So it is with God. What He created, He has dominion over and control of. If He has the power to create somethings from nothing, surely He has the power to control them even on the subatomic level. If He does not have the power over even the smallest quarks, then He loses His sovereignty and omnipotence. He no longer has the power to save. He no longer has the power to dictate right and wrong. He's too small to be God.

In Christ, all things were created. In Him we live and move and have our being. We can't afford not to. Which means, He controls even the smallest particles. And I prefer it that way. I like my God BIG.

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