OK, so I went to the Women of Faith conference here in Oklahoma City this past weekend. The whole time, I felt like God was speaking to my issues of infertility, but then I wondered if it seemed that way because I've been obsessing about it. I'm still not certain. Anyway, we've been thinking about adopting. We always knew that we would adopt, whether we conceive or not, so that's not a new idea. But now we're actually looking at what all is involved in doing this. We've pretty much decided on an international adoption, and are leaning towards China or Columbia at the moment. It's a lot to consider. We're talking about bringing a brand-new baby home, so we're thinking about having a home we think is ready for a baby, having the actual baby, and lets be honest...none of this is cheap. I may go back to work for a couple of years before we adopt to try to save what we need to finance the whole thing. Still, I'm excited.

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Well how cool is this? I get to be the first ever commenter on Heather's blog!

Love ya, lil sis!

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