Political (Yes, me too)

OK, I'm gonna offend someone. Sorry you're offended. Deal with it.

I love my president. Seriously. I think Bush is a gift from God. He;s not perfect...but as I've already established...who is? He is unashamed of his faith and convictions. Sure, he's a politician, and in most people's mind, politician, lawyer, and demons are all equal fodder. I mean, we've all heard about the kid who asked his mother if 2 bodies were ever buried in the same grave after he saw a tombstone reading "Here lies a lawyer and an honest man". But I really admire him. If there are places we differ, so be it. In most places, we don't, and I can't say that for many politicians.

In the disasterous aftermath of the Florida debacle in 2000, when, for possibly the first time in our nations history, a candidate threw a hissy fit and tried to steal what was not his and interrupted the peaceful passing of power that has marked our nation's history, I watched George W. Bush sit back and wait quietly for things to be settled. Lest people forget, it was GORE who took the issue to court, it was GORE who tried to get the votes recounted again and again and again...it was GORE who tried and failed to steal that election. If you don't like it, tough. It's the truth. Florida had been called for Bush, and it was Gore who pitched the fit. And in the end, it was Bush who won. And if you want to scream and cry about whether or not every vote got counted...they didn't. In many states, once there were enough votes counted to guarantee the outcome, they stopped counting. The idea is that they count until there are enough votes for one or the other that even if all the remaining votes were counted for the other guy, he'd still lose. So I'm certain there were ballots that went uncounted. If they had been counted, I'd about guarnatee that Bush would STILL win. Period. If you don't like the way the constitution functions to elect our president...come up with a better idea, try it out somewhere else before you ruin this country, and when it works there, propose the amendment. That's how this government works. And if you can't figure out how to read the ballot, get off your pride and ask for help. You look worse if you don't.

So yes, I am proudly voting for George Bush tomorrow. In fact, I'm voting straight party Republican, because, having read the two platforms and comparing them...I disagree with most of what the Democrats say, and agree with most of what the Republicans say. Like it or not, party matters. If I know nothing else about the candidate, I know which set of values they align themselves with...and that's at least a start. Nor do I buy this "I didn't vote with my party on this issue and that one and this one." If you disagree with the party stand that much, have the conviction to stand by your values and leave the party. There is nothing wrong with leaving a party you no longer believe in. Shoot, if nothing else, be an independant.

Kerry does not stand for the values I do. Edwards does not stand for the values I do. Nor does Carson. And while I know nothing about Pat Bateman except party affiliation (is Pat male or female??), I know Kris Steele personally. I'd vote the man into any office. I KNOW he stands for the same things I do because we've discussed it. He is an honorable man, and unlike some, he actually stands by the decisions he makes. None of this wishy-washy waffling on the issues. Make up your mind, Mr. Kerry. Are you proud to be a veteran of the Vietnam war, or was it a dishonorable conflict filled with butchers? Pick a side and stick to it. Even moss can stick to a side. Do you support the war on terrorism and the actions in Iraq or not? You've gone back and forth on this one way too much.

And speaking of Iraq...I think people forget that EVERYONE KNEW Saddam had WMD. All he had to do was open the stinkin' doors and LET the UN inspectors do their job. He refused to do so. He WANTED us to think he had them. I'm still not convinced he didn't. What are we supposed to do in a war on terror? Wait until a man who has used illegal (against the Geneva Convention and outlawed by the UN) weapons in the past against his own people figures out how to kill a few more thousand Americans? You think he wasn't? What earth did you inhabit in those months when President Bush told him, with the backing of the UN, to prove he didn't have them that you think this war was groundless and unjust. Which kids do you want to go to and explain that they lost parents in ANOTHER terrorist attack because you thought Saddam was safe? Which Iraqi women who were brutalised, raped, and slaughtered by his regime and his own sons are you going to tell that Saddam wasn't an immediate threat?

I don't trust Kerry. I trust Bush. I admire Bush. I believe that God raised him up to guide our nation through the aftermath of Clinton's debacle as he shamed and smeared the office of the presidency. Don't let liberals lie to you. If you are old enough to vote, you are old enough to remember the way things REALLY happened. Re-Elect George W. Bush. He's exactly what this country, this world, needs.

And no, no republicans or politicians paid for this ad. These are my honest opinions. If you don't like them, tough cookies. It's a free country. Don't read the blog.

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