Goodbye, Farewell, Amen

My uncle Don died last night. My aunt says that he died peacefully in little or no pain. I knew it was coming; they found cancer in August and said he'd have a year at best. It now been about 3 months since they found it. I was there in July and he was complaing of chest pain. He went in to get his heart checked...and they found cancer in his lungs, his adrenal gland, his bones. It had spread to his liver by the time he died last night.
I hope that my aunt Kathy will be OK...as OK as a widow could be. I'm just stunned.

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Author said...

My Uncle Don, last of the Hale men of the generation before mine, has been hanging on for a couple of years since last have a recurrence of cancer. He has been saying he would not fight it, but is hanging on.

We all go eventually. The hope is that we all meet up again later on where there is no pain again. Be sure to introduce me to YOUR Uncle Don when we meet again, and I'll introduce you to mine.

Love ya, sis.