The Word On The Knee

The second set of MRI’s came back negative. The little pops I’m feeling are normal and nothing to worry about. We’re trying Celebrex instead of Naproxen, and I got a steroid shot in my knee. That was quite the adventure…OUCHIES. But then it felt numb, and now it just feels weird. No more brace, go back to therapy, and see if it gets better. Oh, and lose weight. If, in 4 weeks, I’m not doing better, and I’ve still had no relief, and I’ve lost some weight, then they may schedule me for an exploratory arthroscopy…to see why I’m still hurting all the time. I really don’t want it to get that far. I just want my happy, dull little life back.

I think I need to spend LOTS of quality time at the YMCA. They’ve got a pool. I can swim, and it should help in many ways. I’ll look into it for Friday. For now? I’m tired, and I’m going to doze until my therapy appt this afternoon.

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