Home Again

With John and I moving to a new city, I wanted to be sure if one of my animals managed to wander off, I could get them back home again. We took them to the vet today, where the vet, a former classmate of John's, advised we tranquilize the cats first. It seems the needle to inject the little microchip is bigger than what the cats can handle comfortably otherwise because of the thinner skin on the cat. So we agreed, he drugged the kitties, and then left to let the medicine take effect. Apparently, whatever veterinary equivalent to morphine he gave them upsets their stomachs; Kit thew up 3 times while there, and Lady threw up when she came home. The rest of the appointment was relatively uneventful; Grizzly tried to antagonize the stoned Lady, Bear wanted to sniff everything, and Kit refused to come out of his carrier. Still we brought them home, enrolled them online, and have pills now to give the kitties on Saturday to make the trip up to the new place less stressful for them; they'll sleep right through the most traumatic parts of the whole thing.

Bringing them home, though, was funny and endearing. As I mentioned before, Lady waited until she got home to throw up. We just opened their carriers so they could come out when they were ready. Lady immediately stumbled out like the stoned kitty she was...she couldn't walk straight, stumbled around, and proceeded to throw up. She was actually more active, stumbling around drunk, than she normally is. Kit, on the other hand, stumbled out a few minutes later, took about 5 steps, and fell over. He laid there, his little tongue hanging out and half passed out for a few minutes. Then he got up and stumbled a little further along. I scooped him up and carried him in to lay on our bed to look out the window. He almost immediately stumbled back into the living room, came straight for me, and then stopped, too tired to move closer. I stepped over, scooped him up, and spent the better part of the last 45 minutes I cuddled him in my lap. He's always seemed to be happiest, to feel more secure and safe in my arms than anywhere. He always has to be where I am, always has to lay where I am, and naps with me when I do. It's so adorable!

They've now woken enough that they're in the kitchen eating...or at least they were when I walked back into the living room to finish this.

And as far as packing goes. John has now disassembled the kitchen table, and it really looks like we're moving out. Wow.

Now to call Uhaul and make sure we have a truck; they were supposed to have called by now!

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