Good afternoon...

OK, it's April 12th and it's already over 80 in central OK.
This summer is going to be ROUGH.

In other news.
Had to replace tires on the monte carlo.

Jennifer is having a baby boy.

Sarah is also pregnant.

The dogs are doing so-so in obedience school. We taught them to sit in front of us; now we have to get them to stay on our left and sit.

My job has expanded. I'm now also the engineering diagrammer. I'll be producing the Idiot's Guide to implementing this complex design. Or something. Watch me stay busy, folks! WOW this is going to be a LOT of work.

Kit has learned the dogs can't get him, so he torments them with relative impugnity. Dumb cat. He also keeps dumping the water dish...which means NEITHER kitty has anything to drink. Dumb cat. Still; he HAS to be where I am, and there's something endearing about that. Boy, did he ever figure out how to stay put; dumb cat or not, it's going to break my heart when it comes time to say my last good byes to him.

OK, the heat is killing my brain, and what neurons survive the heat are dying in the face of the new challenges at work. WOW. Later, folks!

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