Boycott Target

I have decided that Target, apparently, doesn't need my money. Perhaps they've decided they don't need yours, either, and you just don't realise this yet. Maybe you think they still do, but in the effort of having an informed public, I thought I would pass along the reasons why I've decided to boycott Target stores.It seems that Target, or at least the powers that be that run the chain, has decided that middle-class American values are unimportant. There are two main indicators of this, either of which alone would be enough for me to boycott the chain. However, combined, it seems overwhelming reason for me to eschew shopping there (besides the fact that there are no convenient locations for me, and the one I was in last was laid out terribly). It seems Target will no longer allow the Salvation Army bell ringers to operate outside of their stores, and a recent commercial featured porn king and mogul Hugh Hefner.As regards the Salvation Army Ban: I am aware that the corporate offices of Target support many charitable causes. I am also aware that Target, like Wal-Mart and many other stores, has a no-solicitation policy. That means that the stores do not allow other organizations to use the store premises to solicit, or ask for, money or donations from shoppers. It is meant, I presume, to prevent the shoppers from being harrassed everytime they arrive at the store. I appreciate this policy and the presumed intent behind it. However, stores regularly bend this policy for certain groups and oganizations. Scouting groups often wait outside to sell cookies or candy, as do other school groups, to raise funds. Until this year, the Salvation Army bell ringers had been among the groups excepted from this policy, and indeed, if you will visit just about any mall or Wal-Mart store, you will find the familiar bucket and bells. These men and women come out to raise funds so that children from underpriviliged families are able to enjoy their Christmas. The donations from those buckets enable the Salvation Army to minister to the poor and homeless of our society. This year, Target stores have decided that they will no longer make an exception for the Salvation Army. The bell ringers and their buckets are excluded from their stores and property. This is especially unfortunate when you remember that Target stores carry merchandise priced inbetween the prices at a Wal-Mart and a Sears. In other words, if you can afford to shop at Target, you are far more likely to be able to give generously to those in need. Target has taken the convenient reminder many people use to give, and removed it. Granted, if motivated, people will still give, regardless. But by prohibiting the bell ringers, they put an obstacle in the way of charity. Shame on you, Target.Hugh Hefner: One of the recent commercials for Target featured a "family" gathered for Christmas morning, all in their pajamas, opening their gifts. Hugh Hefner, in his signature pajamas, is among them. It seems to me to be a mockery of the happy family dynamic portrayed to include the man who founded and leads an empire of exploitative pornography. This is a man who leads a life of leisure built on the graphic and explicit naked bodies of young women. Many may debate the amount of damage pornography causes to the American family, but I think many people realise that pornography is not exactly conducive to the type of happy family portrayed in this commercial. The inclusion, then, of Hugh Hefner in the scene of the happy family scene, when he has been instrumental in destroying that very family dynamic, is insulting and a mockery at best.Since it would seem that Target is out of touch with moral values, then I choose allow them to be out of touch with my monetary values. Perhaps boycotting the store, refusing them my money, will show them the importance of not ignoring morals and values. If there is anyone from Target reading this post, please pass these concerns along to your decision makers.


tarzan said...

heyo,come shop at KMart.

tarzan said...

hello again
I can't help but be brought back to the post again.
I have thoughts about Target and it's banning of bell ringers during the christmas holiday.
What do you really think about it?are you that upset? or was this a spur of the moment burst of anger at the news report?
It doesnt really matter who banned whom now does it.
look at it from this view
Target prohibits Salvation Army collection from thier property
Wal Mart and K Mart sieze this oppurtunity and allow the bell ringers in front of thier stores,despite corruption and theft that some of these people present,yes i have seen several instances of the ringers taking the money for themselves.
they allow the ringers to take advantage of the move by target to increase thier on holiday sales bottom line.
it's deceptive practice in it's finest hour.
and for what?to get your money that's all,not to provide you and yours with cheaply made asian crap that most of us do not need nor require.
admit it ,if you really wanted that black and decker what ever or that dodad from aunt sally that stays in a closet somewhere wouldn't you have purchased it some time during the preceeding year?
wanna promote the real Christmas spirit? Give from the heart and not the wallet.spend that money you were gonna spend buying those you rarely see that 20 dollar what ever and take it directly to the Salvation Army,donate your time during Christmas.
And shouldn't you be outraged at what the aclu is doing to our christain belief system by dismatling it at the core.

Heather said...

Actually, I haven't seen any news reports. And no, I'm not spending more at K-Mart or Wal-Mart to make up for what I am not buying at Target. In fact, only Bed, Bath, and Beyond has benefitted directly from my boycott; my sister asked for a blanket from Target, and I found something similar at BB&B instead of at Target. And as for going out and directly supporting the Salvation Army:
GREAT IDEA. I'm not saying people shouldn't give of their time, money, and resources to help others in need. In fact, I think it's shameful that more people don't. My church has partnered with our local SA chapter. We go and prepare meals for the shelter, donate food and supplies to the lodge and their food-drives. Many members adopt angels off the angel trees, and several of our members are among the bell ringers in our community. Could we do more? Couldn't we all?
Yes, I do want folks to boycott Target. But more than that, I want you to give of yourself for the less fortunate.