Keeping Track of Heather

Thanks to the internet, our world that was once insurmountably large is now incredibly small. It's not that the planet went on a diet or something (what? Diet? That works?!), but rather that our social networks have grown larger. With the advent of global internet, telephones, cars, trains, airplanes, and other communication and transportation devices, we are no longer limited by how far our legs (or our beast of burden's legs) can carry us before we drop. I have dear friends all over the world and from all over the world.

The internet, particularly what media call "Web 2.0", allows us to share as much (or as little) of our lives as we desire, and often at little or no cost. I've signed up for lots of different websites and web-based services, and it's easy to lose track of them all. So, as much for my sake as yours, I've decided to link as many of them here as possible.

Snapfish (Mostly pictures others have shared with me)
Webshots, Webshots, Webshots (My most common "dumping" ground of pictures. Cruise pics here, etc. more than 3000 pictures across the three accounts, folks!)
Flickr (If this doesn't work, leave me a comment, please!)

LiveVideo (I usually TRACK Vids here, not upload them).
(My favorites, and vids I've uploaded).

Blogs & MicroBlogs (Twitter)

Social Networks

It's worth noting that 99 out of 100 times you find "hjourdenjackson" somewhere, that's likely me. "hjackson" is me, too, quite often, but not always. I'm on forums, in chats, in email... It's entirely possible to have an entire social life online, and I'm living proof of that. The above are just the most common places to find me.

ETA: Nearly forgot one of my favorites. My poetry is regularly listed on the first page of results when you Google me by name. Whoo! (We think that the website where it's located actually winds up inflating the chances of being found...)

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