Surgical update 3

OK, I wrote this at a 48 point font and the letters are still really fuzzy and overlap sometimes.

I know I said I would do this daily, but using the computer gets tiring quickly. I’ve got all my windows set larger so that I can see, and while I did the bulletin last week, it was difficult. A week ago, when I went to the doctor one week post-op (actually, closer to 10 days), I was seeing somewhere between 20/60 and 20/80. I think I’m actually much closer to 20/80. I’m still not legal to drive, and I’m getting headaches and tired easily. Up close is good, it’s the further out that wears me out. If I’m not significantly better by the time I go back in 2 weeks, (19 Feb) I’ll ask for glasses or something, because I’m not functioning as well now as I did before the surgery, and that gets disheartening.

Still, as I said the day after I had the surgery… if I never see the way I did before, I’ll learn to cope. People live with worse all the time. And I will still rely on my Rolling River God to carry me through anything this life has to offer.

It didn’t take overnight to get as blind as I was. It’ll take longer than overnight to recover.

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