Let’s try typing now. Still rather blurry, but I can read this without too much work. 60 pt font though, still.

According to the doctor, I’m now at the line for legally blind, which is a HUGE improvement. Wait, weren’t you legally blind before? There’s a difference? How is this an improvement?

Well, I’m starting to be able to read signs and such, and I don’t have to hold things as close to read them as I used to. I’ve not progressed as well as they’d hoped, but none of us did, so it’s OK. They think I’ll be a lot better on Monday, after the bandage contacts come off.

It might take me a month to get “normal” sight. I hope not… but now that I have clearer, more well defined expectations, I can handle the wait.

In the meantime, doctor’s orders call… 1 lortab, some eye drops, eye shields, pretty music, and sleep here I come.

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