Wishlist Extravaganza

My grandparents (Hi Mama! Hi Papa!) are always asking me what I want for X gift giving occasion, and while I'm always thankful for whatever I receive, I did make myself a bunch of wishlists earlier this year when participating in a secret sister match up online.

It should be noted: NONE OF THESE ARE DEMANDS. These are ideas, thoughts. Shoot, at one point, John and I were memeber of netflix, and then got too busy to watch movies anymore, so we left it, and moved the massive list of movies over to Amazon so that we can work on renting or unboxing or buying them from there. Not only that, some of these are arsty-craftsy sites... either selling artsy craftsy supplies, or selling home-made or lovingly crafted items or perfumes.

I will ask that you be VERY VERY VERY careful if you go OFF the list when buying me fragrances/scented items. It turns out, that's a guaranteed way for me to get bronchitis, very very fast. I stick to very very light scents and use them sparingly. I promise, it's not meant as an insult... I just literally get ill if it's too much. I also prefer fruits to florals or musks.

There's also a picture of the GORGEOUS VASE that my secret sister bought for me in here; that's the accent color we're using in the new house, so we wanted you to see it. :D I LOVE that blue.

(Oooops, almost forgot the vase!)

Here they are:

I have a series of wishlists at Amazon... search for hjourdenjackson@gmail.com and you'll find me. Some are organised by artist/show, some are just random "dumping" grounds where I put items until I have enough to justify a themed list.
I don't know if these links will work or not... but if they do, it might make things easier.
Star Trek
George Harrison
The Beatles
Paul McCartney
John Lennon
Ringo Starr
Munchkin (It should be noted that when the card games come out I buy them for myself so I can support my local game shop. If you wish to support my Local Game shop, you can call Tulsa's Original Game Shop (918-663-5525) and tell Ben you're shopping for Heather Jackson. :D)

I can't figure out how to add my Lush wishlist link... so I'm copying and pasting it in instead...I think the SKU number will tell you what the product is... I don't know... when I tried emailing it, I got a weird file. Like I said, I don't know... Also, if you've used this product and know it tends to be heavy, feel free to intervene on my behalf and email and warn me... I'll take it off the list.
Your wishlist currently contains:
SKU Description Quantity Price
2601 Ne Worry Pas $5.25
2158 Think Pink $5.55
18 All That Jasmine $5.40
2429 Black Pearl $4.45
2159 Sakura $5.50
52 Avobath $5.40
2465 The Happy Pill $5.70
2171 Honey Bee $5.60
2172 Blackberry $5.40
032 Big Blue $5.40
2607 Dream On $4.25
12 Butterball $4.50
Youki-Hi $5.50
2476 Golden Slumbers $5.60
2463 Romance In A Stone $4.45
2363 Chelsea Garden $5.50
2477 Still Life $5.30
039 Fairy Jasmine $5.75
2478 Tea and Sympathy $5.30
22374 Party On $10.70
22371 Whoosh $9.90
741 Bathos $5.95
2487 Flosty Gritter $5.45
2485 Marathon Bar $5.45
2468 The Comforter $8.45
742 Blue Skies $9.95
2151 Ma Bar $6.95
2471 Pop In The Bath $5.95
2484 Temple of Truth $5.85
740 Amandopondo $5.95
2189 French Kiss $7.95
2482 Sunny Side $5.85
601 Dreamtime $5.25
592 Ceridwen $7.75
2154 Something Wicked This Way Comes $5.45
2160 In The Nude $5.45
2153 Elixir $5.25
2156 Youve Been Mangoed $5.50
2387 Whoosh Balm $7.95

Here's my slowly growing Etsy wishlist. It's things that I think look nifty and would fit in well in the house, or things that I think would be interesting/worth trying. They're just ideas, and I'll probably share this with family eventually... since they're always bugging me for ideas, too.

Also Neats:This neatly feeds into my addiction to games.

This feeds into my neat and nerdy mug deal... not that I need more mugs... And actually... this store trips all sorts of nifty nerd buttons of joy in me... I think I LOVE this store.

And this is just kinda nifty...

This is lovely.

And I think this makeup might be worth trying...

Ever been to ThinkGeek.com? I have. You can look for my wishlist there by putting in my email address *gmail, please* or my last name and city and state. :D Isn't THAT nifty.

Some of these things are items I'm wishing for. Some of them are things John wishes for. Some of them, we're both wishing for.

But right now, today? We're wishing for:
Already being moved
Cooler weather for moving
Inexpensive but really good quality leather furniture we'll like for the living room
Inexpensive but really good quality dining room set we'll like for the dining area
Inexpensive but really good quality captain's bed frame
A King sized Select Comfort Bed. :D Any variation on King will do, so long as we can put our nifty Inexpensive, really good quality captain's bed underneath it. :D
Did we mention already being moved?

I'm offline for a bit again, folks... see you when next I come up for air!

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Heather said...

Well, we didn't get the cooler weather for moving,
but we're out of the one house, and into the other. We found a nice leather living room set; will be here tomorrow. Also found a nice dining room set, also going to be here tomorrow.

I'm off to go unpack more.

You know, we threw LOTS of stuff away when we moved the first time, and yet, it's amazing how much we accumulated in just a YEAR. Oy!