Grizzly Bear

Those are pictures from earlier this afternoon when John and I took the dogs on a walk. The boys LOVE to go out and walk, and are starting to learn "come" and "sit", particularly when treats are involved. That means obedience school should be easier for them.

Grizzly is the larger of the two dogs, on the right,IIRC, and Bear is the little one, on the left. You can also tell them apart by looking at their coats; Bear's got more black mixed into his coat, while Grizzly is pretty red.

Oh, and they've discovered Kit, who discovered them, and formed a mutual dislike society. Kit hisses at them through the window, and they bark back. Good thing I keep the cat inside and the dogs out. :D

I have more pictures of them online in my yahoo group: if this link works, you can use it to join!

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Enjoy, all!

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