It's going to take all day for it to warm up into the low 70s today, and then once it cools off, it looks like it just won't warm up that much again.

It's about time; I've been waiting months for autumn, and winter is one of my favorite seasons. After all, it's far easier to warm up when you're cold than it is to cool off when you're hot.

In the meantime, 9 days from today is my 28th birthday. Friday night I'm going out with friends for dinner; we're calling it my birthday party. Some have said it's pathetic that I'm throwing my own party, but I don't remember ever having a birthday party. Now that John and I have friends we enjoy hanging out with, people we LOOK for reasons to spend time together, I'm excited by the prospect of celebrating each other's birthdays.

I need to go; the cat's nearly drunk the fish dry again, and I have to get ready for a busy day of subbing.

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